About Us

TANMING BERHAD was incorporated on 14th February 1979. Tanming Berhad has been involved in property development for more than 45 years and is still active in large scale as well as niche property development projects. Its experience as a housing developer also extends to commercial and industrial types of development including reviving of abandoned projects by other developers which lacked financial resources or technical capability.

Under the stewardship of the founding Executive Chairman, Major Tan Pau Son (Retired), Tanming Berhad has established a name and reputation in providing affordable as well as high end houses. The Company always places great emphasis on high quality and safety which are stressed at every stage of the construction process.

Tanming Berhad’s first flagship project, namely Taman Taming Jaya in Balakong launched in 1986, was developed by the company when the area was still a rubber estate and no other developer was prepared to venture into that part of the Klang Valley. The township was completed in 1998 comprising 2,269 residential units, 523 factory units and 63 shop units. At present, Taman Taming Jaya has a population of more than 12,000 residents. To date, Tanming Berhad has completed more than 8,400 units of residential, commercial and industrial properties. Most of the residential, commercial and industrial development projects completed by Tanming Berhad were primarily focused in the growth areas of Cheras, Kajang and Puchong. In addition, the Company has also met its social obligations to the nation by fulfilling the affordable housing requirement in its various projects.

Tanming Berhad has been focusing on the more resilient landed residential sub-sector, and all projects have been successfully completed and handed over to respective purchases in time with the necessary infrastructure carried out to the full satisfaction of the relevant authorities.

A substantial contribution to Tanming Berhad’s profitability is attributed to the quality and safety of its products as well as its ability to anticipate the direction of the property market. As the mindset of house buyers is changing often, a new breed of buyers has emerged and they seek high quality homes with a bigger built-up area, which eradicates the need for them to renovate and/or extend their houses. It is more surprising that these buyers are willing to pay a premium for such properties and by anticipating their needs, Tanming Berhad has developed its products to cater for such house buyers.

Tanming Berhad will continue to launch new residential and commercial projects in strategic areas within the Klang Valley. These include mixed development high-rise projects at Puncak Jalil and Puchong. In addition, we will continue to venture in landed linked houses and bungalow development in Kajang area. In line with Corporate Social Responsibility, the Company has been launching affordable apartments known as "Rumah Selangorku". 198 units of Pangsapuri Jenderam Indah, Dengkil was completed in March 2017 and 173 units of Pangsapuri Taming Mutiara, Bandar Sungai Long will be completed in March 2018.

Tanming Berhad, through its associates is also involved in quarry business for the past 23 years in Puchong, Selangor. It distributes quarry products through its extensive marketing network. The mining site is strategically located at the group's 244 acres land in Mukim Tanjung Dua Belas, Kuala Langat, Selangor known as Canal City serving fast growing Puchong and South Klang Valley area.